A Home In France

Legal Services

When you find a property you would like to buy, that is the time you need our legal services - once you sign a preliminary contract your negotiating position is weaker and you are are at least partially committed. We can give you immediate advice to enable you to sign with confidence and we then guide you through the legal and administrative process to completion. We have established working relationships with notaires in several regions and we use their expertise to your benefit. We do not replace the notaire - we are not legally allowed to do so - but we act as a bridge between them and you. Because we speak their language and understand the system they will talk to us when they would not talk to a buyer direct.

If you have already signed an agreement and suddenly realise you need help, we can pick up your file quickly; your options may already have been limited but we can help you identify what flexibility you still have and make the most of this.

Any property purchase is stressful. Buying in a foreign jurisdiction, with unfamiliar laws and procedures, and in a foreign language only adds to the stress. With experience of buying, living and working in France we can:

  • explain the French conveyancing process and how it differs from the English
  • alert you to the dos and don'ts when purchasing
  • communicate on your behalf with the seller or his agent, including price negotiation if you wish
  • communicate on your behalf with French surveyors and lenders
  • explain succession issues and help you with inheritance tax planning
  • advise you how to structure your purchase and find finance if necessary
  • advise on the contract itself and explain what it means
  • negotiate with the seller's notaire to completion
  • make sure your interests are protected at all times
  • Unlike many advisors we are flexible in our hours and are happy to talk to you in the evening or weekeknds when you are available.