A Home In France

Welcome to A Home In France

We are a UK company providing legal support and explanation to buyers of French property, working with notaires and agents to give you the confidence you need when buying in a foreign country. Our staff are fluent in both French and English, and include UK qualified lawyers and accountants. For more details see our legal advice service.

For buyers wishing to take advantage of the relatively low Euro rates, and to match the currency of their asset and liability, we can introduce French lenders.

As you will be buying in euros you will want the best possible exchange rate for your sterling. We have worked with Foreign Currencies Direct for several years and have found that they give competitive rates and a good service - click here for more details or we can put you in touch with them.

We will also search for properties to your specification in areas where we have good contacts - primarily the Loire Valley and the Alps. If you are interested please send us details of what you are looking for.